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Mafia Dog Revisited

edited October 2012 in First steps
image There are now even more reasons to play Gbanga with the launch of the first location-based digital pet: Mafia Dog. The customisable canine companion is given to every Mafioso who distinguishes themselves by reaching Level 5 in Gbanga Famiglia. The Mafia Dog adds a new element of responsibility and rewards to players who must interact with their Mafia Dog to affect its needs and abilities. Players who feed, groom and play with their Mafia Dog will be rewarded with power-up abilities such as digging for special items and defending of territory against Mafia rivals. Much like a real dog, Mafia Dog experience five different moods: angry, sad, bored, happy and excited. It’s up to the player to locate special items that will keep the dog excited and its power-up abilities at the strongest. You’ll find a handy infographic here on our forum. Additional Mafia Dog gameplay features include:
  • Digging to find hidden items
  • Roaming and collecting items in the area around you
  • Customisable dog avatar
Remember, the Mafia Dog is available only for players who reach Level 5 or higher!


  • When and/or how can we get a dog?
  • It says "Reach Level 10". What else do I need to achieve?
  • edited October 2012
    Hi Giani and narium The Mafia Dog is a reward for players who reach level 10 or more. It will help you collecting items and also finding "out of order" items from previous promotions. The Mafia Dog is like a real dog that collect the newspaper for you but in order to keep it "surviving" you have to feed and give attention to it. Furthermore, the Mafia Dog can also help you accomplishing side-quests. You can get a Mafia Dog by reaching level 10. After that you'll need to restart you app to be able to visualize your pet. For the future, you will be able to use Mafia Dog even more. Stay tuned! Yours Gbanga Team
  • Hi Gbanga

    I already restarted the Gbanga App multiple times and can't find a dog.
    (Yes, I know how to restart the app: by double-clicking the Home button and then touching until the X appears...).

    Where should the dog appear? In the pocket?

    Regards, narium
  • edited June 2011
    Hi narium

    We just checked our severs, it appears that you have a Mafia Dog called Poppy inside your POCKET.

    Yes, the Mafia Dog is placed inside your POCKET and can be used by dropping it into a CELL.

    If you still can't find your Mafia Dog, please, send a screenshot of your POCKET view to support [at]

    Yours Gbanga Team

  • Hi narium and Gbanga Team,

    There is still a minor glitch in regard to the Mafia Dog even though someone has got the dog already. Sometimes my dog is not visible in the pocket... only a 'Reload' of the pocket makes him visible again. This behaviour migh confuse new players.

    Best regards,
  • Hello gbanga

    Yes, Poppy came to me on the evening of june 13, and she is very happy with her new master ;-)

    Regards, narium
  • edited June 2011
    Hi narium and Ahn_Tom

    @narium We are glad to hear that Poppy is very happy.

    Let us know, how do you like it.

    @Anh_Tom Thank you for your feedback. This issue was fixed and should be available on our next update.

    Yours Gbanga Team
  • Liebe Supporter,
    auch nach diversen restarts erscheint kein Hund in der Tasche, obwohl ich in Level 12 bin....
    Grosses Lob, für eine liebevoll gestaltete App mit viel Potenzial.
    Liebsten Gruss aus Köln!
  • Und schon ist er da, der Zeus... Danke!
  • After multiple restarts i don't find any dog.
  • Ich kann auch keinen Hund finden.
  • edited June 2011
    Hi Fikki, markkub and Giani

    We fix this issue. By now, you should be able to use your Mafia Dog.

    We would like to thank you all for your feedback. Please, let us know if you still haven't received your Mafia Dog.

    Yours Gbanga Team
  • Ich habe eine Nachricht erhalten, dass ich einen Axel Hund bekommen habe, kann ihn aber nirgends finden...
  • Yeah, now my doggie's in the pocket. Thx!
  • Hi Giani

    Please try to restart the app or reload your POCKET.
    That should work.

    Yours Gbanga Team
  • I tried it. It did Not work...
  • edited June 2011
    Hi Giani

    Thanks for your reply. I am reporting your issue to the tech team.
    I will get back to you as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Yours Gbanga Team
  • edited June 2011
    Hi Giani

    We just got the feedback from the tech team. Apparently it was a server "hiccup".
    During your next login, you should be able to see and use "Yukie" your new Mafia Dog.

    Yours Gbanga Team
  • Nun habe ich einen Pluto. Yuki hatte ich auch, aber mein Zweithund hat mich mittlerweile verlassen.
  • Hi Giani

    Nice to hear that you finally got your mafia dog.

    Yours Gbanga Team
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