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How do phonebooth side-quests work?

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Phonebooths are the gate to side-quests in Gbanga.

imageThe Phonebooths were inspired by the game GTA (grand theft auto) in which characters call from public telephones to pick up missions. In each mission, the Player faces a different challenge and can receive rewards that boost their profile. At the moment Gbanga is offering seven side-quests that can be accomplished in a couple minutes within your walkable area. Once players arrive in a Cell with a Phonebooth, they can use the INTERACT button to access these side-quests. Players will receive a pop-up message with brief instructions for the specific side-quest. The side-quest is selected randomly by the game. The seven side-quests are:
  • Top Secret Suitcase: Deliver a suitcase to a bank nearby - After you receive the message, you simple walk to any cell with a bank located on it and drop the suitcase item you received in your Pocket. →more details
  • Spy Gbangoo: Chase a character hiding at a nearby location - After you receive the message, you should access the map to find to the location of the Spy Gbangoo. Walk until his location to catch him. →more details
  • Co-op Mob: Perform a combo action with a friend in the same location - After you receive the message, you should connect with any member of your family and drop your Mafia Gbangoo with this other member at the same cell.→more details
  • Treasure Dig: Dig and wait 24 hours to collect a green diamond - After you receive the message, you will receive a shovel on your POCKET. You can dig by dropping it at any cell. After 24 hours a green diamond will pop up and can be collected by any player.→more details
  • Police Car: Find five parts of the police car - After you receive the message, you should access the map to visualize where the parts are located in the nearby cells. After all the five parts are collected, you will receive a police car item that can be used in the game.→more details
  • Under Surveillance: Escape in 2 minutes from your current cell - After you receive the message, you should run away from your current location to any nearby CELL. After your trail is completed, you will receive a notification of your success and a green diamond.→more details
  • Priceless Information: Trade your Priceless Information secret letter with other players to receive a reward - After you receive the message,you will also receive a secret letter item inside your POCKET. The secret letter is initially worth 1,000 CASH but every time this item is re-traded with a new player its value is multiplied by 2. You will have one hour do it!→more details
Did you not like your side-quest? No problem. Just press the INTERACT button twice to get another mission. Don’t you have time to finish your mission now? It will be waiting for you. However in case of precious item, they will also be available to other player that are passing on this Cell. Gbanga is planning to extend the amount of side-quests in the future so stay tuned to find out more about it. If you have any suggestion you can reply it here or answer our survey. We hope you love playing the side-quests!


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    Hi all We updated our infographic! Let us know what you think!
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    Hi Gbanga The new Tell-Quest is a bit annoying. I only get this from the phonebooth :( But anyway, in your blog you write the Swiss flag is worth 300'000 but the flag in my pocket tells me, it's worth 100'000. A bit confusing ;) Greets
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    Hi Tiberius Thanks for your feedback. We are replacing the Tell Quest, soon you will be able to participate in other side-quest. Yours Gbanga Team
  • Is there a possibility to get blocket for "overuse". I can't interact with booths anymore ;)
  • No, it is only when our servers have a hick-up. It's still unfair, sorry! Let us know with an in-game message to "babalunda" or "Jokaero" if there is such a delay. Thanks!
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